Wednesday, 12 December 2007

More from the HFE Bill committee

I've noticed that now the bill is no longer discussing merging the HFEA and the HTA, the bill is now known as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill.

Lord Davies of Coity
I understand that we want to regulate the arrangements in the most appropriate way, but I have to advise the House. I have four daughters and eight grandchildren, seven of whom were born in what my noble friend Lord Winston describes as, “the other way”.

However, one of them was born as a result of IVF, eight years ago. That child is a normal, beautiful grandchild of mine. She was born as a result of my youngest daughter devoting her eggs to my second daughter in order that that child could be born. The grief that my second daughter experienced, as a result of not being able to have a second child, was enormous. When my youngest daughter said, “I’ve got two children. I will devote my eggs to her”—the noble Lord, Lord Winston, knows about this because I discussed it with him at the time—this child was born and is now a beautiful, eight year-old youngster.

Whatever regulations and protection you want to introduce, for heaven’s sake, never destroy the opportunity for a young woman to have a child as a result of IVF, because that would be damaging to everyone. That is the circumstance I have experienced. I hope that the Government will recognise that.
I fear that since this poor girl is only eight years old, the full effects of having a mother who is actually her aunt, and an aunt who is actually her mother may not have yet become apparent.

I wonder if Lord Davies will be making the same claims in twenty years time.